Why did I receive this message?


You have been arrested for a violation of one or more of the Illinois Compiled Statutes which require(s) your appearance in court. You are entitled to free legal representation from a licensed Illinois attorney in order to defend your rights. Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756(f) requires all attorneys licensed in Illinois to report pro bono legal services, including all professional legal services rendered free of charge to a person of limited means. This communication is sent to you as advertising material in accordance with Rule 7.3 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct.


What legal services might I qualify for?


If you feel a special circumstance warrants free legal representation from a private attorney, please kindly call our office at (800) 659-2930 to inquire about our Pro Bono Legal Services program. Upon acceptance, free legal representation from a licensed attorney will be provided to you for one or more of the following criminal proceedings:

Preliminary Hearing. This is your first opportunity to present a defense in your case, including your right, through your attorney, to cross-examine the arresting officer(s). A judge will make a determination whether probable cause exists sufficient to take your case to trial.

Bond Hearing. You are entitled to a reasonable bond, which will allow for your release while awaiting trial. A judge will make a determination whether a bond reduction, electronic monitoring, or an I-bond is appropriate in your case.


What if I paid a bond to be released?


If you do not currently require a Bond Hearing or a Preliminary Hearing, this office will waive the up front retainer fee, in favor of a payment plan that works best for you. If you have paid a bond on your case, this office will consider full representation for the amount of your bond.


How can I contact the attorney?


Please contact this office at (800) 659-2930 before your next court date, and kindly leave the spelling of your NAME, COURT DATE, TIME, and LOCATION, and you will be contacted within 24 hours.