First Steps Towards Dissolution of Marriage in Illinois

Thank you for your interest in legal representation from this firm. This intake form is designed to gather the most important information in relation to your divorce, in order to prepare the necessary documents for filing with the court. Please answer as many of the questions as possible, to the best of your ability. 

Please also begin collecting any documentation related to assets and debts acquired during the course of the marriage, as well as any other relevant documentation related to the questions below, and kindly forward to this office at your earliest convenience.

Once the intake form is completed, this office will contact you with further instructions.

Divorce Intake Form

Once divorced, do you want to resume using your maiden name?

Have you been married before?

Does your spouse use drugs or alcohol?

Is your spouse employed?

Are you (or your spouse) pregnant?

If pregnant, is the child of the marriage?

Do you own a marital residence?

Do you own any other real estate?

Do you and/or your spouse have a safe deposit box?

Have you ever obtained an Order of Protection?

If you have never obtained an Order of Protection, have you ever requested one?

Does your spouse have a criminal record?

Does your spouse have a history of psychiatric treatment?

Does your spouse abuse you or the children?

Does your spouse make threats to harm you or the children?

Do you feel you are in danger right now?

Do you want referrals to shelters for victims of domestic violence?

Have you ever received counseling?

Would you like referrals to counseling services for victims of domestic violence?